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About Nutrition Focus

    Find out what services we

    offer!  Is there a service

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Services Available  

    Individualized diet coaching

    on losing weight, weight loss

    programs, email sessions, 

    special diets or learning to 

    eat a healthier diet from the 

    comfort of your own home

    (online) or at a convenient 

    nearby office location.       



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Losing Weight ONLINE

    Not sure about if Losing 

    Weight ONLINE really works?

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Guest BLOG Post on Medi Diet

Learn more About the Mediterranean Diet

Guest BLOG Post on TTC



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Kimberly A. Tessmer, RD LD

A registered and licensed dietitian, author and owner of Nutrition Focus.






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MY Books in Review


Tell Me What To Eat

If I am Trying To Conceive"

made the Editor's Weekly Pick List

on Today's Diet and Nutrition


IBD Book Review

IBD Book Review




Food Diary                                 

    Print out your own    

    Food Diary to help      

    keep track of what                         

    you eat each day. 

    Find out why you should

    keep a food diary and 

    important points to remember.

    Check out the FREE calorie



Body Fat   

    Do you Know Your Body Fat

    Percentage?  Find it HERE!


Body Mass Index   

    Are you at a healthy weight?

    Find out by automatically 

    calculating your 

    Body Mass Index (BMI)!

KIM's Articles/BLOGS/Interviews

    Get the latest information

    on all types of nutrition topics

    from articles, BLOGS and interviews.




La Tortilla Factory Blog

    Check out my blogs on 

    this brand NEW Blog site

    dedicated to healthy living!

  Most RECENT Blog Post



Calcium News

    Are you getting enough calcium in

    your diet for good bone health?  

    Most women are not. 

    Click here to find out more!  




IBD Book Review

Mediterranean Book Review

TTC Book Review


what Nutrition Focus clients

have to say!




Weight Management


Check out what clients that have worked with 

Nutrition Focus

have to say about  our services! 





Weight Management


    Print out a weight  

    management calendar to

    keep track of your weight,         

    goals and successes!        


Interactive Menu Planner

   Need a little daily help planning 

   your menus?  The Menu Planner

   is designed to guide your daily 

   food/meal choices based on 

   your day's calorie allowance. 

   Use it in advance to plan meals,

   or at the end of a day to add 

   up total calories, fat, and carbs.

Monthly Recipe Box   

    A new healthy recipe each  

    month with food exchanges 

    included to help you fit it into         

    whatever program you are 








Hot Links

    Check out our latest links to all types 

    of web sites that include health, 

    weight loss, nutrition and more!

  FOR Professionals!

    Check out links, CPU 

    courses, books, software

    and more!






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